Meet Our Makers: Tonya Tucker

Our ‘Meet Our Maker’ series celebrates the people behind the scenes of Walcha Handmade, and encourages an understanding of the care and attention to detail that goes into the handmade products we carry.


This month our resident Fire Fairy, Tonya Tucker, is sharing with us the things that make her tick.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I live 30 kilometres south of Walcha on the Glen Morrison Road, where I’m renting a cottage with lots of birds, quiet and space. I hope to, along with a good friend, start building our own little cottage on our block in Niangala in the next 12 months.

I work in and around Walcha for a company called Gumnut Gardening and Cleaning Services. I’ve been working for them for 2 years now doing cleaning, commercial and private lawn mowing, gardening and odd jobs.

2. What is your creative space like? What kinds of things happen there?

My creative space is a bit of a mess at the moment.  I have the luxury of having a whole room for my creating, but I lack cupboards and shelving so everything is packed in tubs, boxes and bags.  I also have a creative spot next to my chair and there is always a piece of work in progress, either crocheting or knitting. I like to do a bit of patchwork and applique and I’m looking forward to summer so I can make dresses for my granddaughters. Most of my work has been given to family members, but I have kept some for myself.

Tonya showing Mia how to hold the hook and wool

Tonya showing Mia how to hold the hook and wool

3. What is inspiring you this month?

My inspirations……….. the main one is my newest granddaughter Elise, followed by Harper and Ava.

4. How do you like to spend your downtime when you are not creating?

My downtime is my weakness as I have become addicted to a couple of farming games on Facebook.  Luckily for me  I don’t have internet access where I live, so it’s only when I go to visit my parents that I get to indulge in these games.

When I’m at my place I am usually working on something because I get very bored sitting doing nothing. I just can’t do it. I need to be doing something all the time!


5. What is the one piece of advice you wish someone had shared with you when you were younger?

It isn’t a matter of wishing someone had shared advice with me when I was younger, it’s a matter of listening to and following the advice I was given.

My grandmother who was, and still is, the biggest influence in my life, gave me really good advice.  Did I take note and listen? NO.  Did I get into lots of awkward predicaments? YES.  It has taken me quite a few years to learn from my errors, but I like to think I have, although occasionally I still forget to engage the brain.

Thanks for sharing with us Tonya!

P.S. Tonya’s nickname of the Fire Fairy was earned as she would come into the Studio each morning through Winter to light the fire and warm the shop for whoever was working that day… Thank you, Tonya!