Inspiration #027

it's good to take a break every now and again

Every now and again it’s good to take a break!

And after a brief hiatus here on the Walcha Handmade blog, the aim is to be back up and posting on a regular basis again.

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Inspiration #025


Even though life gets in the way, don’t you just wish that you could sometimes….?

This week’s inspiration is a free printable.  Want more?

Follow the link to see what other craft-inspired printables are available at The Plaid.

Image credit: Duality

Inspiration #024

make today awesome inspirational quote

what bit of awesome are you going to achieve today?

Image credit – Positive Print by Mad Kitty Media

Inspiration #023


and then that sense of achievement?!

Sharing a link to 20 free inspirational printables today (the one above is from the blog post).

Which one is your favourite?  Print it out and pin it to the fridge?

Inspiration #022

are you ever questioned about your creativity?

Are you ever questioned about why you are so creative?

If you’re ever stuck for an answer, here’s a *creative* one!

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